Professor Arie Eitan is the head of Department 'A' of General Surgery at The Western Galilee Hospital in Nahariya. He manages a professional and highly qualified staff composed of senior doctors, nurses and other medical personnel.

Surgical medical treatments include the following operations:

• Treatment of various types of hernia
• endocrine surgery
• thyroid surgery
• various surgeries in the field of oncology
• treatment of gastrointestinal cancer
• and other surgical treatments

Hours and daily activity:

For more information and to appointment a meeting at the clinic contact us by phone: (972-)4-8255933


Health is the most important thing for all of us. When a person needs medical treatment, he strives to get the best medical service possible from a qualified specialist. Surgeries in the field of oncology aim to remove tumors through various invasive treatment methods. Cancer is a difficult disease to handle. It is a real war for the patient's life and therefore, it is very important to remove the tumor in its entirety.

Removing the whole tumor tremendously increases the chance for being cured. If there's even a millimeter of tumor remaining in the patient's body, there is a chance that the disease will break out once again and metastases will appear. Surgeries in the field of oncology are performed by experienced surgical specialists with extensive knowledge regarding various types of cancer.